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Erkal, D, Belokurov, V, Laporte, C F P, Koposov, S E, Li, T S, Grillmair, C J, Kallivayalil, N, Price-Whelan, A M, Evans, N W, Hawkins, K, Hendel, D, Mateu, C, Navarro, J F, Pino, A del, Slater, C T and Sohn, S T (2019) The total mass of the Large Magellanic Cloud from its perturbation on the Orphan stream Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Belokurov, V, Erkal, Denis, Evans, NW, Koposov, SE and Deason, AJ (2018) Co-formation of the disc and the stellar halo Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 478 (1). pp. 611-619.

Erkal, Denis, Boubert, Douglas, Gualandris, Alessia, Evans, N. Wyn and Antonini, Fabio (2018) A hypervelocity star with a Magellanic origin Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Boubert, D., Fraser, M., Evans, N. W., Green, D. A. and Izzard, Robert (2017) Binary companions of nearby supernova remnants found with Gaia Astronomy & Astrophysics, 606.

Boubert, D., Erkal, D., Evans, N. W. and Izzard, Robert (2017) Hypervelocity runaways from the Large Magellanic Cloud Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 469 (2). pp. 2151-2162.

Felipe-Sotelo, Monica, Hinchliff, J., Evans, N.D.M. and Read, D. (2016) Solubility constraints affecting the migration of selenium through the cementitious backfill of a geological disposal facility Journal of Hazardous Materials, 305. pp. 21-29.

Felipe-Sotelo, Monica, Edgar, M., Beattie, T., Warwick, P., Evans, N.D.M. and Read, David (2015) Effect of anthropogenic organic complexants on the solubility of Ni, Th, U(IV) and U(VI) Journal of Hazardous Materials, 300. pp. 553-560.

Van Es, Elsje, Hinchliff, J., Felipe-Sotelo, Monica, Milodowski, A.E., Field, L.P., Evans, N.D.M. and Read, David (2015) Retention of chlorine-36 by a cementitious backfill Mineralogical Magazine, 79 (06). pp. 1297-1305.

Felipe-Sotelo, Monica, Henshall-Bell, E.R., Evans, N.D.M. and Read, David (2015) Comparison of the chemical composition of British and Continental European bottled waters by multivariate analysis Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 39. pp. 33-42.

Neilson, Hilding R., Schneider, Fabian R. N., Izzard, Robert, Evans, Nancy R. and Langer, Norbert (2015) The occurrence of classical Cepheids in binary systems Astronomy & Astrophysics, 574.

Belokurov, V, Koposov, SE, Evans, NW, Penarrubia, J, Irwin, MJ, Smith, MC, Lewis, GF, Gieles, M, Wilkinson, MI, Gilmore, G, Olszewski, EW and Niederste-Ostholt, M (2014) Precession of the Sagittarius stream MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 437 (1). pp. 116-131.

Koposov, SE, Belokurov, V, Evans, NW, Gilmore, G, Gieles, M, Irwin, MJ, Lewis, GF, Niederste-Ostholt, M, Penarrubia, J, Smith, MC, Bizyaev, D, Malanushenko, E, Malanushenko, V, Schneider, DP and Wyse, RFG (2011) The Sagittarius Streams in the Southern Galactic Hemisphere Astrophysical Journal.

Niederste-Ostholt, M, Belokurov, V, Evans, NW, Koposov, S, Gieles, M and Irwin, MJ (2010) The Tidal Tails of the Ultra-Faint Globular Cluster Palomar 1

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Read, JI, Wilkinson, MI, Evans, NW, Gilmore, G and Kleyna, JT (2006) The importance of tides for the Local Group dwarf spheroidals \mnras, 367. 387-399 - 387-399.

Read, JI, Wilkinson, MI, Evans, NW, Gilmore, G and Kleyna, JT (2006) The tidal stripping of satellites \mnras, 366. 429-437 - 429-437.

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Evans, N and Schneider, SA (2005) Verifying security protocols with PVS: widening the rank function approach. Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming, 64 (2). pp. 253-284.

Evans, N, Brown, D and Corbett, GG (2002) The Semantics of Gender in Mayali: Partially Parallel Systems and Formal Implementation Language, 77. pp. 111-155.

Book Section

Corbett, GG, Brown, D and Evans, N (2002) Morphology, typology, computation. In: S. Bendjaballah, W.U. Dressler, O.E. Pfeiffer and M. Voeikova (eds) Morphology 2000, Selected papers from the 9th Morphology Meeting, Vienna, 24-25 February 2000 In: Morphology 2000: Selected Papers from the 9th Morphology Meeting, Vienna 24-28 February 2000. (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 218) . Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. 91-104. ISBN 9027237255

Evans, N, Brown, D and Corbett, GG (2001) Dalabon pronominal prefixes and the typology of syncretism: a Network Morphology analysis. In: G. Booij and J. van Marle (eds) Yearbook of Morphology 2000 In: Yearbook of Morphology 2000. Kluwer, Dordrecht, pp. 187-231. ISBN 978-0-7923-7082-6

Conference or Workshop Item

Ott, R, Evans, N, Evans, P, Osmond, J, Clark, A and Turchetta, R (2009) Preliminary investigations of active pixel sensors in Nuclear Medicine imaging In: 8th International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors, 2008-09-01 - 2008-09-05, Univ Glasgow, Glasgow, SCOTLAND.

Ott, R, Evans, N, Evans, P, Osmond, J, Clark, A, Crooks, J, Prydderich, M and Turchetta, R (2009) Active Pixel Sensors in Nuclear Medicine Imaging In: IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference, 2008-10-19 - 2008-10-25, Dresden, GERMANY.

Treharne, H, Turner, E, Schneider, S and Evans, N (2008) Object Modelling in the SystemB Industrial Project In: 1st International Conference of Abstract State Machines, B and Z, 2008-09-16 - 2008-09-18, London, ENGLAND.

Turner, E, Treharne, H, Schneider, S and Evans, N (2008) Automatic generation of CSP || B skeletons from xUML models In: ICTAC 2008: 5th International Colloquium, 2008-09-01 - 2008-09-03, Istanbul, Turkey.

Turner, E, Treharne, H, Schneider, S and Evans, N (2008) Automatic generation of CSP||B skeletons from xUML models In: 5th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC 2008), 2008-09-01 - 2008-09-03, Sabanci Univ, Istanbul, TURKEY.

Evans, N and Treharne, H (2007) Interactive tool support for CSP parallel to B consistency checking In: 5th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems (AVoCS 05), 2005-09-12 - 2005-09-13, Univ Warwick, Coventry, ENGLAND.

Ott, RJ, Evans, N, Harris, E, Evans, P, Osmond, J, Holland, A, Prydderch, M, Clark, A, Crooks, J, Halsall, R, Key-Charriere, M, Martin, S and Turchetta, R (2006) A CsI-Active Pixel Sensor Based Detector for Gamma Ray Imaging In: 15th International Workshop on Room-Temperature Semiconductor X- and Gamma-Ray Detectors/ 2006 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, 2006-10-29 - 2006-11-04, San Diego, CA.

Treharne, H, Schneider, S, Grant, N, Evans, N and Ifill, W (2006) A Step towards Merging xUML and CSP||B In: Seminar on Rigorous Methods for Software Construction and Analysis, 2006-05-07 - 2006-05-12, Schloss Dagstuhl, GERMANY.

Schneider, S, Treharne, H and Evans, N (2005) Chunks: Component verification in CSP||B In: 5th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods, 2005-11-29 - 2005-12-02, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Evans, NW, Wilkinson, MI, Kleyna, JT, Read, JI and Gilmore, G (2005) Kinematics and M/L ratios of dwarf spheroidals

Wilkinson, MI, Kleyna, JT, Evans, NW, Gilmore, GF, Grebel, EK, Koch, A, Read, J and Young, R (2005) Substructure in dwarf spheroidals - a star cluster connection?

Read, JI, Wilkinson, MI, Evans, NW, Gilmore, G and Kleyna, JT (2005) The mass of dwarf spheroidal galaxies and the missing satellite problem

Brown, DP, Evans, N, Tiberius, C and Corbett, GG (2003) A large-scale inheritance based morphological lexicon for Russian In: In: T. Erjavec and D. Vitas (eds.) Proceedings of the Workshop on morphological processing of Slavic Languages, 10th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 2003-04-12 - ?, Budapest.

Evans, N and Schneider, S (2000) Analysing Time Dependent Security Properties in CSP Using PVS. In: European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, 2000-10-04 - 2000-10-06, Toulouse, France.

Evans, N, Brown, DP and Corbett, GG (1998) Emu Divorce: A Unified Account of Gender and Noun Class Assignment in Mayali In: 34th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, 1998-04-17 - 1998-04-19, Chicago.

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