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Twigger, K, Roulstone, V, Kyula, J, Karapanagiotou, EM, Syrigos, KN, Morgan, R, White, C, Bhide, S, Nuovo, G, Coffey, M, Thompson, B, Jebar, A, Errington, F, Melcher, AA, Vile, RG, Pandha, HS and Harrington, KJ (2012) Reovirus exerts potent oncolytic effects in head and neck cancer cell lines that are independent of signalling in the EGFR pathway. BMC Cancer, 12.

Kottke, T, Errington, F, Pulido, J, Galivo, F, Thompson, J, Wongthida, P, Diaz, RM, Chong, H, Ilett, E, Chester, J, Pandha, H, Harrington, K, Selby, P, Melcher, A and Vile, R (2011) Broad antigenic coverage induced by vaccination with virus-based cDNA libraries cures established tumors. Nat Med, 17 (7). pp. 854-859.

Steele, L, Errington, F, Prestwich, R, Ilett, E, Harrington, K, Pandha, H, Coffey, M, Selby, P, Vile, R and Melcher, A (2011) Pro-inflammatory cytokine/chemokine production by reovirus treated melanoma cells is PKR/NF-kappa B mediated and supports innate and adaptive anti-tumour immune priming MOLECULAR CANCER, 10, ARTN 20.

Prestwich, RJ, Errington, F, Diaz, RM, Pandha, HS, Harrington, KJ, Melcher, AA and Vile, RG (2009) The Case of Oncolytic Viruses Versus the Immune System: Waiting on the Judgment of Solomon HUMAN GENE THERAPY, 20 (10). pp. 1119-1132.

Prestwich, RJ, Errington, F, Steele, LP, Ilett, EJ, Morgan, RSM, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Selby, PJ, Vile, RG and Melcher, AA (2009) Reciprocal Human Dendritic Cell-Natural Killer Cell Interactions Induce Antitumor Activity Following Tumor Cell Infection by Oncolytic Reovirus JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 183 (7). pp. 4312-4321.

Pandha, Hardev, Heinemann, Lucy, Simpson, Guy, Melcher, A, Prestwich, R, Errington, F, Coffey, M, Harrington, KJ and Morgan, Richard (2009) Synergistic Effects of Oncolytic Reovirus and Cisplatin Chemotherapy in Murine Malignant Melanoma Clinical Cancer Research, 15 (19). pp. 6158-6166.

Prestwich, RJ, Ilett, EJ, Errington, F, Diaz, RM, Steele, LP, Kottke, T, Thompson, J, Galivo, F, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Selby, PJ, Vile, RG and Melcher, AA (2009) Immune-Mediated Antitumor Activity of Reovirus Is Required for Therapy and Is Independent of Direct Viral Oncolysis and Replication CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH, 15 (13). pp. 4374-4381.

Ilett, EJ, Prestwich, RJ, Kottke, T, Errington, F, Thompson, JM, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Coffey, M, Selby, PJ, Vile, RG and Melcher, AA (2009) Dendritic cells and T cells deliver oncolytic reovirus for tumour killing despite pre-existing anti-viral immunity GENE THERAPY, 16 (5). pp. 689-699.

Prestwich, RJ, Errington, F, Ilett, EJ, Morgan, RSM, Scott, KJ, Kottke, T, Thompson, J, Morrison, EE, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Selby, PJ, Vile, RG and Melcher, AA (2008) Tumor Infection by Oncolytic Reovirus Primes Adaptive Antitumor Immunity CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH, 14 (22). pp. 7358-7366.

Prestwich, RJ, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Vile, RG, Melcher, AA and Errington, F (2008) Oncolytic viruses: a novel form of immunotherapy EXPERT REVIEW OF ANTICANCER THERAPY, 8 (10). pp. 1581-1588.

Errington, F, White, CL, Twigger, KR, Rose, A, Scott, K, Steele, L, Ilett, LJ, Prestwich, R, Pandha, HS, Coffey, M, Selby, P, Vile, R, Harrington, KJ and Melcher, AA (2008) Inflammatory tumour cell killing by oncolytic reovirus for the treatment of melanoma GENE THERAPY, 15 (18). pp. 1257-1270.

White, CL, Twigger, KR, Vidal, L, De Bono, JS, Coffey, M, Heinemann, L, Morgan, R, Merrick, A, Errington, F, Vile, RG, Melcher, AA, Pandha, HS and Harrington, KJ (2008) Characterization of the adaptive and innate immune response to intravenous oncolytic reovirus (Dearing type 3) during a phase I clinical trial GENE THERAPY, 15 (12). pp. 911-920.

Errington, F, Steele, L, Prestwich, R, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Vidal, L, de Bono, J, Selby, P, Coffey, M, Vile, R and Melcher, A (2008) Reovirus activates human dendritic cells to promote innate antitumor immunity JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 180 (9). pp. 6018-6026.

Twigger, K, Vidal, L, White, CL, De Bono, JS, Bhide, S, Coffey, M, Thompson, B, Vile, RG, Heinemann, L, Pandha, HS, Errington, F, Melcher, AA and Harrington, KJ (2008) Enhanced in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity of combined reovirus and radiotherapy CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH, 14 (3). pp. 912-923.

Prestwich, RJ, Errington, F, Harrington, KJ, Pandha, HS, Selby, P and Melcher, A (2008) Oncolytic viruses: do they have a role in anti-cancer therapy? Clin Med Oncol, 2. pp. 83-96.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rajani, K, Shim, K, Parrish, C, Ilett, L, Kottke, T, Pulido, J, Thompson, J, Pandha, H, Harrington, K, Melcher, A, Errington, F, Diaz, R, Coffey, M, Zaidi, S and Vile, R (2015) Combination Therapy of Reovirus and PD-1 Blockade Effectively Establishes Tumor Control Via Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses In: 18th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy (ASGCT), 2015-05-13 - 2015-05-16, New Orleans, LA.

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