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Unterumsberger, R, Hönicke, P, Colaux, Julien, Jeynes, Christopher, Wansleben, M, Müller, M and Beckhoff, B (2018) Accurate experimental determination of Gallium K- and L3-shell XRF fundamental parameters Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 33. pp. 1003-1013.

Jeynes, C and Colaux, JL (2016) Thin film depth profiling by Ion Beam Analysis Analyst, 141. pp. 5944-5985.

de Melo, C, Santana, G, Torres-Costa, V, Behar, M, Ferraz Dias, J, Colaux, JL, Contreras-Puente, G and de Melo, O (2016) Infiltration of ZnO in Mesoporous Silicon by Isothermal Zn Annealing and Oxidation ECS JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 5 (2). P6-P11.

Secchi, M, Demenev, E, Colaux, JL, Giubertoni, D, Dell'Anna, R, Iacob, E, Gwilliam, M, Jeynes, C and Bersani, M (2015) Development of nanotopography during SIMS characterization of thin films of Ge1-xSnx alloy APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 356. pp. 422-428.

Azarmi, F, Kumar, P, Kumar, P, Mulheron, M, Colaux, JL, Jeynes, C, Adhami, S and Watts, JF (2015) Physicochemical characteristics and occupational exposure to coarse, fine and ultrafine particles during building refurbishment activities Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 17 (8).

Thiry, D, De Vreese, A, Renaux, F, Colaux, JL, Lucas, S, Guinet, Y, Paccou, L, Bousser, E, Snyders, R and Snyders, R (2015) Toward a Better Understanding of the Influence of the Hydrocarbon Precursor on the Mechanical Properties of a-C: H Coatings Synthesized by a Hybrid PECVD/PVD Method Plasma Processes and Polymers.

Colaux, JL, Terwagne, G and Jeynes, C (2015) On the traceably accurate voltage calibration of electrostatic accelerators NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH MATERIALS AND ATOMS, 349. pp. 173-183.

Colaux, JL and Jeynes, C (2015) Accurate electronics calibration for particle backscattering spectrometry ANALYTICAL METHODS, 7 (7). pp. 3096-3104.

Colaux, JL, Jeynes, C, Heasman, KC and Gwilliam, RM (2015) Certified ion implantation fluence by high accuracy RBS ANALYST, 140 (9). pp. 3251-3261.

Fedorenko, YG, Hughes, MA, Colaux, JL, Jeynes, C, Gwilliam, RM, Homewood, K, Gholipour, B, Yao, J, Hewak, DW, Lee, T-H, Elliott, SR and Curry, RJ (2014) Electrical properties of Bi-implanted amorphous chalcogenide films

Paneta, V, Colaux, JL, Gurbich, AF, Jeynes, C and Kokkoris, M (2014) Benchmarking experiments for the proton backscattering on Na-23, P-31 and S-nat up to 3.5 MeV NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH MATERIALS AND ATOMS, 328. pp. 1-7.

Colaux, JL and Jeynes, C (2014) High accuracy traceable Rutherford backscattering spectrometry of ion implanted samples ANALYTICAL METHODS, 6 (1). pp. 120-129.

Lopez-Santos, C, Colaux, JL, Laloy, J, Fransolet, M, Mullier, F, Michiels, C, Dogné, JM and Lucas, S (2013) Bioactivity and hemocompatibility study of amorphous hydrogenated carbon coatings produced by pulsed magnetron discharge. J Biomed Mater Res A, 101A (6). pp. 1800-1812.

Costa Pinto, P, Calatroni, S, Neupert, H, Letant-Delrieux, D, Edwards, P, Chiggiato, P, Taborelli, M, Vollenberg, W, Yin-Vallgren, C, Colaux, JL and Lucas, S (2013) Carbon coatings with low secondary electron yield Vacuum, 98. pp. 29-36.

Lopez-Santos, C, Colaux, JL, Lucas, S and Gonzalez, JC (2012) Investigation of the growth mechanisms of a-CH coatings deposited by pulsed reactive magnetron sputtering Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (22). pp. 12017-12026.

Giubertoni, D, Demenev, E, Jestin, Y, Meirer, F, Gennaro, S, Iacob, E, Pepponi, G, Pucker, G, Bersani, M, Gupta, S, Saraswat, KC, Gwilliam, RM, Jeynes, C and Colaux, JL (2012) Solid phase epitaxial re-growth of Sn ion implanted germanium thin films AIP Conference Proceedings, 1496. pp. 103-106.

Rigaux, C, Tichelaar, F, Louette, P, Colaux, JL and Lucas, S (2011) First results of the surface modification of multiwall carbon nanotubes by a hollow cathode discharge Surface and Coatings Technology, 205 (SUPPL.).

De Vriendt, V, Miladinovic, SM, Colaux, JL, Maseri, F, Wilkins, CL and Lucas, S (2011) Growth mechanisms involved in the synthesis of smooth and microtextured films by acetylene magnetron discharges. Langmuir, 27 (14). pp. 8913-8922.

Colaux, JL, Terwagne, G, Louette, P, Colomer, J-F, Edmondson, PD and Donnelly, SE (2011) Study of carbon nitride compounds synthesised by co-implantation of C and N in copper at different temperatures Materials Chemistry and Physics, 126 (1-2). pp. 337-343.

Mahieu, S, Leroy, WP, Van Aeken, K, Matthys, P, Depla, D, Wolter, M, Colaux, J, Lucas, S and Abadias, G (2011) Sputter deposited transition metal nitrides as back electrode for CIGS solar cells Solar Energy, 85 (3). pp. 538-544.

Colaux, JL, Terwagne, G and Louette, P (2009) XPS and NRA depth profiling of nitrogen and carbon simultaneously implanted into copper to synthesize CN like compounds Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 267 (8-9). pp. 1299-1302.

Thomé, T, Colaux, JL, Terwagne, G, Colomer, J-F and Bertoni, G (2007) Formation of carbon nitride nanospheres by ion implantation Materials Chemistry and Physics, 103 (2-3). pp. 290-294.

Colaux, JL, Thomé, T and Terwagne, G (2007) Cross section measurements of the reactions induced by deuteron particles on C Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 254 (1). pp. 25-29.

Thomé, T, Colaux, JL and Terwagne, G (2006) Depth profiling of carbon and nitrogen in copper using nuclear reactions Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 249 (1-2 SP). pp. 377-380.

Thomé, T, Colaux, JL, Terwagne, G and Louette, P (2006) Formation of carbon nitride compounds during successive implantations in copper Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 151 (1). pp. 19-23.

Colaux, J and Terwagne, G (2005) Simultaneous depth profiling of the C-12 and C-13 elements in different samples using (d,p) reactions NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH MATERIALS AND ATOMS, 240 (1-2). pp. 429-433.

Conference or Workshop Item

Kearsley, A T, Colaux, J L, Ross, D K, Wozniakiewicz, P J, Gerlach, L, Anz-Meador, P, Griffin, T, Reed, B, Opiela, J, Palitsin, V V, Grime, G W, Webb, R P, Jeynes, C, Spratt, J, Salge, T, Cole, M J, Price, M C and Burchell, M J (2017) Hypervelocity impact in low earth orbit: finding subtle impactor signatures on the Hubble Space Telescope In: 14th Hypervelocity Impact Symposium 2017, HVIS2017, 24-28 Apr 2017, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Lozano, O, Colaux, JL, Laloy, J, Dogne, JM and Lucas, S (2015) What is the impact of Silicon Carbide nanoparticles to the mineral composition of rat lungs? A PIXE-mu PIXE comparative study In: 4th International Conference on Safe Production and Use of Nanomaterials (Nanosafe), 2014-11-18 - 2014-11-20, Grenoble, FRANCE.

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