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Torlinska, B, Bath, Sarah, Janjua, A, Boelaert, K and Chan, S-Y (2018) Iodine Status during Pregnancy in a Region of Mild-to-Moderate Iodine Deficiency is not Associated with Adverse Obstetric Outcomes; Results from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) Nutrients, 10 (3).

Senaratne, RH, Sidders, B, Sequeira, P, Saunders, G, Dunphy, K, Marjanovic, C, Reader, JR, Lima, P, Chan, S, Kendall, S, McFadden, J and Riley, LW (2008) Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains disrupted in mce3 and mce4 operons are attenuated in mice JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, 57 (2). pp. 164-170.

Chan, SP, Passaro, VMN, Mashanovich, GZ, Ensell, G and Reed, GT (2007) Third order Bragg grating filters in small SOI waveguides JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN OPTICAL SOCIETY-RAPID PUBLICATIONS, 2, ARTN 07029.

Reed, GT, Mashanovich, GZ, Headley, WR, Timotijevic, B, Gardes, FY, Chan, SP, Waugh, P, Emerson, NG, Png, CE, Paniccia, MJ, Liu, A, Hak, D and Passaro, VMN (2006) Issues associated with polarization independence in silicon photonics IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, 12 (6). pp. 1335-1344.

Lim, ST, Png, CE, Chan, SP and Reed, GT (2006) Flat spectral response silicon arrayed waveguide gratings via ion implantation OPTICS EXPRESS, 14 (14). pp. 6469-6478.

Reed, GT, Headley, WR, Gardes, FY, Timotijevic, BD, Chan, SP and Mashanovich, GZ (2006) Characteristics of rib waveguide racetrack resonators in SOI INTEGRATED OPTICS, SILICON PHOTONICS, AND PHOTONIC INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, 6183, ARTN 61830.

Reed, GT, Headley, WR, Chan, SP, Masanovic, GZ, Howe, S and Thomson, D (2006) Experimental evidence of modal properties using directional couplers in silicon-on-insulator - art. no. 61250N Silicon Photonics, 6125, 61250N. N1250-N1250.

Spicer, J, Plunkett, T, Somaiah, N, Chan, S, Kendall, A, Bolunwu, N and Pandha, H (2005) Phase II study of oral capecitabine in patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer PROSTATE CANCER AND PROSTATIC DISEASES, 8 (4). pp. 364-368.

Chan, SP, Png, CE, Lim, ST, Reed, GT and Passaro, VMN (2005) Single-mode and polarization-independent silicon-on-insulator waveguides with small cross section JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, 23 (6). pp. 2103-2111.

Chan, SP, Passaro, VMN and Reed, GT (2005) Singlemode and polarisation free conditions for small silicon-on-insulator waveguides ELECTRONICS LETTERS, 41 (9). pp. 528-529.

Png, CE, Chan, SP, Lim, ST and Reed, GT (2004) Optical phase modulators for MHz and GHz modulation in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, 22 (6). pp. 1573-1582.

Book Section

Mashanovich, G, Reed, GT, Timotijevic, BD and Chan, SP (2008) Silicon Photonic Waveguides In: Silicon photonics: The State of the Art. Wiley-Interscience, pp. 15-46. ISBN 0470025794

Conference or Workshop Item

Ball, GC, Andreoiu, C, Austin, RAE, Bandyopadhyay, D, Becker, JA, Bricault, P, Brown, N, Chan, S, Churchman, R, Colosimo, S, Coombes, H, Cross, D, Demand, G, Drake, TE, Dombsky, M, Ettenauer, S, Finlay, P, Furse, D, Garnsworthy, A, Garrett, PE, Green, KL, Grinyer, GF, Hyland, B, Hackman, G, Kanungo, R, Kulp, WD, Lassen, J, Leach, KG, Leslie, JR, Mattoon, C, Melconian, D, Morton, AC, Pearson, CJ, Phillips, AA, Rand, E, Sarazin, F, Svensson, CE, Sumithrarachchi, S, Schumaker, MA, Triambak, S, Waddington, JC, Walker, PM, Wilhams, SJ, Wood, JL, Wong, J, Zganjar, EF and Collaboration, T (2009) Gamma-ray spectroscopy at TRIUMF-ISAC: The new frontier of radioactive ion beam research In: NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND APPLICATIONS: First Ulaanbaatar Conference on Nuclear Physics and Applications, 2008-09-08 - 2008-09-11, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Reed, GT, Mashanovich, GZ, Headley, WR, Chan, SP, Timotijevic, BD and Gardes, FY (2006) Silicon photonics: Are smaller devices always better? In: 11th Micooptics Conference, 2005-10-30 - 2005-11-02, Tokyo, JAPAN.

Garrett, PE, Svensson, CE, Andreoiu, C, Bandyopadhyay, D, Finlay, P, Grinyer, GF, Hyland, B, Illes, E, Phillips, AA, Schumaker, MA, Valiente-dobón, JJ, Wong, J, Ball, GC, Hackman, G, Andreyev, A, Chan, S, Coombes, H, Churchman, R, Chakrawarthy, RS, Morton, AC, Pearson, CJ, Smith, MB, Zganjar, EF, Ashley, SF, Jones, GA, Regan, PH, Walker, PM, Williams, SJ, Austin, RAE, Becker, JA, Kulp, WD, Wood, JL, Leslie, JR, Mattoon, C, Sarazin, F, Ressler, JJ, Schwarzenberg, J, Waddington, JC and Watters, LM (2006) Gamma-ray spectroscopy at TRIUMF-ISAC

Reed, GT, Chan, SP, Headley, WR, Passaro, VMN and Timotijevic, BD (2005) Design considerations for devices based upon small SOI waveguides In: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2005-09-21 - 2005-09-23, Antwerp, BELGIUM.

Reed, GT, Headley, W, Masanovic, GZ, Png, J, Chan, S, Lim, ST, Howe, S, Paniccia, M and Liu, A (2004) Performance and design issues associated with the trend to micro and nanophotonics In: 8th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 2004-07-18 - 2004-07-21, Orlando, FL.

Reed, GT, Chan, SP, Headley, W, Passaro, VMN and Paniccia, M (2004) Polarisation independent devices in small SOI waveguides In: 1st IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2004-09-29 - 2004-10-01, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA.

Chan, SP, Png, CE, Lim, ST, Reed, GT and Passaro, VMN (2004) Single mode, polarisation independent waveguides in silicon-on-insulator In: 1st IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, 2004-09-29 - 2004-10-01, Hong Kong, PEOPLES R CHINA.

Reed, GT, Masanovic, GZ, Headley, WR, Png, CE, Chan, SP, Lim, ST, Passaro, VMN, Hak, D, Cohen, O and Paniccia, M (2004) Small devices in SOI: fabrication and design issues In: Conference on Optoelectronic Integration on Silicon, 2004-01-27 - 2004-01-28, San Jose, CA.

Chan, SP, Passaro, VMN, Lim, ST, Png, CE, Headley, W, Masanovic, G, Reed, GT, Atta, RMH, Ensell, G and Evans, AGR (2003) Characterisation of integrated Bragg gratings on silicon-on-insulator rib waveguides In: Conference on Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices for Lightwave Communication, 2003-09-08 - 2003-09-10, ORLANDO, FL.

Reed, GT, Png, CE, Masanovic, G, Chan, S, Lim, ST, Vonsovici, A, Evans, AGR, Atta, R, Jackson, SM and Way, AS (2002) Fabrication and evaluation of SiC optical modulators In: Silicon-based and Hybrid Optoelectronics IV Conference, 2002-01-23 - 2002-01-24, SAN JOSE, CA.


Chan, Shui Kin (2005) Widening Participation in Adult Education in Hong Kong: a Policy Perspective Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

Chan, Seong Phun. (2005) Third order Bragg grating filters in silicon-on-insulator waveguides. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)..

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