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Cunningham, SG, Carinci, F, Brillante, M, Leese, GP, McAlpine, RR, Azzopardi, J, Beck, P, Bratina, N, Bocquet, V, Doggen, K, Jarosz-Chobot, PK, Jecht, M, Lindblad, U, Moulton, T, Metelko, Z, Nagy, A, Olympios, G, Pruna, S, Skeie, S, Storms, F, Di Iorio, CT and Massi Benedetti, M (2015) Core Standards of the EUBIROD Project. Defining a European Diabetes Data Dictionary for Clinical Audit and Healthcare Delivery. Methods Inf Med, 55 (2).

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Pizzolorusso, G, Turi, P, Barlafante, G, Cerritelli, F, Renzetti, C, Cozzolino, V, D'Orazio, M, Fusilli, P, Carinci, F and D'Incecco, C (2011) Effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment on gastrointestinal function and length of stay of preterm infants: an exploratory study. Chiropr Man Therap, 19 (1).

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Casale, C, Labbrozzi, D, Nicolucci, A, Carinci, F, Avanzi, C, Dell'Aquila, R, Forcella, M, Montemurno, C, Procaccini, DA and Ruscitto, F (1994) Evaluation of the efficiency of a nephrology department by the DRGs and Barber's Nomogram. The role of comorbidity. Contrib Nephrol, 109. pp. 84-89.

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