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Doherty, Daniel, Allmond, JM, Janssens, RVF, Korten, W, Zhu, S, Zielinska, M, Radford, DC, Ayangeakaa, AD, Bucher, B, Batchelder, JC, Beausang, CW, Campbell, C, Carpenter, MP, Cline, D, Crawford, HL, David, HM, Delaroche, JP, Dickerson, C, Fallon, P, Galindo-Uribarri, A, Kondev, FG, Harker, JL, Hayes, AB, Hendricks, M, Humby, P, Girod, M, Gross, CJ, Klintefjord, M, Kolos, K, Lane, GJ, Lauritsen, T, Libert, J, Macchiavelli, AO, Napiorkowski, PJ, Padilla-Rodal, E, Pardo, RC, Reviol, W, Sarantites, DG, Savard, G, Seweryniak, D, Srebrny, J, Varner, R, Vondrasek, R, Wiens, A, Wilson, E, Wood, JL and Wu, CY (2017) Triaxiality near the 110Ru ground state from Coulomb excitation Physics Letters B, 766. pp. 334-338.

Bunce, M, Regan, PH, Werner, V, Beausang, CW, Anagnostatou, V, Bowry, M, Casperson, RJ, Chen, D, Cooper, N, Goddard, PM, Hughes, RO, Ilie, G, Mason, PJR, Pauerstein, B, Reed, MW, Ross, TJ and Simpson, EC (2013) High-spin study of the shell model nucleus Y-88(49) PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 87 (4), ARTN 04433.

Bunce, M, Regan, PH, Werner, V, Anagnotatou, V, Beausang, CW, Bowry, M, Casperson, RJ, Chen, D, Cooper, N, Goddard, P, Hughes, RO, Ilie, G, Mason, PJR, Pauerstein, B, Reed, MW, Ross, TJ, Freeman, S, Andreyev, A, Bruce, A, Deacon, A, Jenkins, D, Joss, D, MacGregor, D, Regan, P, Simpson, J, Tungate, G, Wadsworth, B and Watts, D (2012) A shell model study of the high spin states of Y-88 RUTHERFORD CENTENNIAL CONFERENCE ON NUCLEAR PHYSICS, 381, ARTN 01206.

Berant, Z, Oster, E, Casperson, RJ, Wolf, A, Werner, V, Heinz, A, Casten, RF, Gurdal, G, McCutchan, EA, Brenner, DS, Terry, JR, Winkler, R, Williams, E, Qian, J, Schmidt, A, Smith, MK, Ahn, T, Beausang, CW, Regan, PH, Ross, T, Bunce, M, Darakchieva, B, Meyer, DA, LeBlanc, J, Dudziak, K, Bauer, C and Henning, G (2009) g factor of the 2(1)(+) state of Hf-172 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 80 (5), ARTN 05730.

McCutchan, EA, Casten, RF, Werner, V, Williams, E, Winkler, R, Wolf, A, Berant, Z, Gurdal, G, Qian, J, Ai, H, Amon, L, Beausang, CW, Brenner, DS, Cakirli, RB, Casperson, RJ, Fitzpatrick, CR, Frank, D, Garnsworthy, AB, Heinz, A, Luettke, R, Mertz, AF, Oktem, Y, Pietralla, N, Regan, PH, Shoraka, B, Terry, JR and Thompson, NJ (2008) Enhanced mixing of intrinsic states in deformed Hf nuclei PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 77 (5), ARTN 0.

Wolf, A., Berant, Z., Heinz, A., Werner, V., McCutchan, E. A., Gürdal, G., Cakirli, R. B., Oktem, Y., Ai, J., Amon, L., Beausang, C. W., Brenner, D. S., Casten, R. F., Casperson, R. J., Dusling, K., Fitzpatrick, C. R., Gransworthy, A. B., Pietralla, N., Qian, J., Regan, P. H., Thompson, N. J., Williams, E. and Winkler, R. (2007) <i>g</i> factor of the 2<sp>+</sup><sub>1</sub> state of <sup>170</sup>Hf Physical Review C, 76 (047308).

Meyer, D. A., Beausang, C. W., Ressler, J. J., Ai, H., Amro, H., Babilon, M., Casten, R. F., Fitzpatrick, C. R., Gürdal, G., Heinz, A., McCutchan, E. A., Plettner, C., Qian, J., Thomas, N. J., Werner, V., Williams, E., Zamfir, N. V. and Zhang, Jing-ye (2006) First investigation of excited states in the odd-proton nucleus 209Fr Physical Review C, 73 (024307).

Ressler, JJ, Beausang, CW, Ai, H, Amro, H, Caprio, MA, Casten, RF, Hecht, AA, Langdown, SD, McCutchan, EA, Meyer, DA, Regan, PH, Sciacchitano, MJS, Yamamoto, A and Zamfir, NV (2004) Isomer decay tagging in the heavy nuclei: Ra-210 and Ra-209 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 69 (3), ARTN 03433.

Ressler, JJ, Casten, RF, Zamfir, NV, Beausang, CW, Cakirli, RB, Ai, H, Amro, H, Caprio, MA, Hecht, AA, Heinz, A, Langdown, SD, McCutchan, EA, Meyer, DA, Plettner, C, Regan, PH, Sciacchitano, MJS and Yamamoto, AD (2004) Transition from the seniority regime to collective motion PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 69 (3), ARTN 03431.

McCutchan, EA, Zamfir, NV, Caprio, MA, Casten, RF, Amro, H, Beausang, CW, Brenner, DS, Hecht, AA, Hutter, C, Langdown, SD, Meyer, DA, Regan, PH, Ressler, JJ and Yamamoto, AD (2004) Low spin states in Yb-162 and the X(5) critical point symmetry PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 69 (2), ARTN 02430.

Regan, PH, Beausang, CW, Zamfir, NV, Casten, RF, Zhang, JY, Yamamoto, AD, Caprio, MA, Gurdal, G, Hecht, AA, Hutter, C, Krucken, R, Langdown, SD, Meyer, DA and Ressler, JJ (2003) Signature for vibrational to rotational evolution along the yrast line PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 90 (15), ARTN 15250.

Caprio, MA, Zamfir, NV, McCutchan, EA, Casten, RF, Berant, Z, Amro, H, Barton, CJ, Beausang, CW, Brenner, DS, Cooper, JR, Gill, RL, Gurdal, G, Hecht, AA, Hutter, C, Krucken, R, Meyer, DA, Novak, JR, Pietralla, N, Regan, PH and Ressler, JJ (2003) Measurement of 2(1)(+) level lifetimes in Yb-162 and Er-162 by fast electronic scintillation timing EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A, 16 (2). pp. 177-180.

Yamamoto, AD, Regan, PH, Beausang, CW, Xu, FR, Caprio, MA, Casten, RF, Gurdal, G, Hecht, AA, Hutter, C, Krucken, R, Langdown, SD, Meyer, D, Ressler, JJ and Zamfir, NV (2002) High-j proton and neutron alignments in gamma-soft Ru-101 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 66 (2), ARTN 02430.

Conference or Workshop Item

Anagnostatou, V, Regan, PH, Bunce, MR, McCarthy, D, Werner, V, Ahn, T, Casperson, RJ, Chevrier, R, Cooper, N, Heinz, A, Ilie, G, Smith, MK, Williams, E, Bettermann, L, Radeck, D, Beausang, CW, Boniwell, C and Pauerstein, B (2011) MEASUREMENTS OF PICOSECOND LIFETIMES IN THE TRANSITIONAL NUCLEUS Pd-100 USING THE RDDM IN INVERSE KINEMATICS In: Conference on Nuclear Physics - Extremes of the Nuclear Landscape, 2010-08-30 - 2010-09-05, Zakopane, POLAND.

Ressler, JJ, Beausang, CW, Casten, RF, Zamfir, NV, Ai, H, Amro, H, Babilon, M, Cakirli, RB, Caggiano, JA, Gurdal, G, Heinz, A, Hughes, RO, Langdown, SD, McCutchan, EA, Meyer, DA, Plettner, C, Qian, J, Regan, PH, Sciacchitano, MJS, Thomas, NJ, Williams, E and Yamamoto, A (2005) Isomers and seniority in the trans-Pb nuclei In: 1st International Conference on Nuclear, Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions (NUSTAR 05), 2005-01-05 - 2005-01-08, Univ Surrey, Guildford, ENGLAND.

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