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Duguet, T, Somà, V, Lecluse, S, Barbieri, Carlo and Navrátil, P (2017) Ab initio calculation of the potential bubble nucleus 34Si Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics, 95, 034319.

Makek, M, Achenbach, P, Ayerbe Gayoso, C, Barbieri, C, Bernauer, JC, Bohm, R, Bosnar, D, Denig, A, Distler, MO, Friscic, I, Giusti, C, Merkel, H, Muller, U, Nungesser, L, Pochodzalla, J, Sanches Majos, S, Schlimme, BS, Schwamb, M and Walcher, T (2016) Differential cross section measurement of the 12C(e,e’pp)10Beg.s. reaction European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei, 52.

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Rosenbusch, M, Ascher, P, Atanasov, D, Barbieri, C, Beck, D, Blaum, K, Borgmann, C, Breitenfeldt, M, Cakirli, RB, Cipollone, A, George, S, Herfurth, F, Kowalska, M, Kreim, S, Lunney, D, Manea, V, Navratil, P, Neidherr, D, Schweikhard, L, Soma, V, Stanja, J, Wienholtz, F, Wolf, RN and Zuber, K (2015) Probing the N=32 Shell Closure below the Magic Proton Number Z=20: Mass Measurements of the Exotic Isotopes K-52,K-53 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 114 (20), ARTN 2.

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Barbieri, C, Reinholz, H and Boronat, J (2014) Many-body Propagator Theory with Three-Body Interactions: a Path to Exotic Open Shell Isotopes 17TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT PROGRESS IN MANY-BODY THEORIES (MBT17), 529, ARTN 0.

Carbone, A, Cipollone, A, Barbieri, Carlo, Rios Huguet, Arnau and Polls, A (2013) Self-consistent Green's functions formalism with three-body interactions Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics, 88 (5).

Somà, V, Barbieri, C and Duguet, T (2013) Ab-initio self-consistent Gorkov-Green’s function calculations of semi-magic nuclei II. Numerical implementation at second order with a two-nucleon interaction Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics. (Submitted)

Cipollone, A, Barbieri, C and Navrátil, P (2013) Isotopic Chains Around Oxygen from Evolved Chiral Two- and Three-Nucleon Interactions Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 062501.

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Barbieri, C, Cipollone, A, Soma, V, Duguet, T and Navratil, P (2012) Toward the Ab-initio Description of Medium Mass Nuclei

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Somà, V, Duguet, T and Barbieri, C (2011) Ab initio self-consistent Gorkov-Green's function calculations of semimagic nuclei: Formalism at second order with a two-nucleon Physical Review C (Nuclear Physics), 84 (6), 064317.

Waldecker, SJ, Barbieri, C and Dickhoff, WH (2011) Microscopic self-energy calculations and dispersive optical-model potentials PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 84 (3), ARTN 0.

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Barbieri, C (2010) Toward an Ab-initio description of quasiparticle properties CERN-Proceedings, 1. pp. 137-144.

Barbieri, C (2009) Role of Long-Range Correlations in the Quenching of Spectroscopic Factors PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 103 (20), ARTN 2.

Barbieri, C and Hjorth-Jensen, M (2009) Quasiparticle and quasihole states of nuclei around Ni-56 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 79 (6), ARTN 0.

Barbieri, C, Caurier, E, Langanke, K and Martinez-Pinedo, G (2008) Reply to "Comment on 'Pygmy dipole response of proton-rich argon nuclei in random-phase approximation and no-core shell model' " PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 78 (3), ARTN 0.

Barbieri, C, Caurier, E, Langanke, K and Martinez-Pinedo, G (2008) Pygmy dipole response of proton-rich argon nuclei in random-phase approximation and no-core shell model PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 77 (2), ARTN 0.

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Barbieri, C, Paar, N, Roth, R and Papakonstantinou, P (2006) Correlation energies in the random phase approximation using realistic interactions

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Barbieri, C and Dickhoff, WH (2003) Extension of the random phase approximation including the self-consistent coupling to two-phonon contributions PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 68 (1), ARTN 0.

Barbieri, C and Dickhoff, WH (2002) Faddeev treatment of long-range correlations and the one-hole spectral function of O-16 PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 65 (6), ARTN 0.

Barbieri, C and Dickhoff, WH (2001) Faddeev description of two-hole-one-particle motion and the single-particle spectral function PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 63 (3), ARTN 0.

Conference or Workshop Item

Reifarthl, R, Altstadt, S, Goebell, K, Heftrich, T, Heil, M, Koloczek, A, Langer, C, Plag, R, Pohl, M, Sonnabend, K, Weigand, M, Adachi, T, Aksouh, F, Al-Khalili, J, AlGarawi, M, AlGhamdi, S, Alkhazov, G, Alkhomashi, N, Alvarez-Pol, H, Alvarez-Rodriguez, R, Andreev, V, Andrei, B, Atar, L, Aumann, T, Adeichikov, V, Bacri, C, Bagchi, S, Barbieri, C, Beceiro, S, Beck, C, Beinrucker, C, Belier, G, Bemmerer, D, Bendel, M, Benlliure, J, Benzoni, G, Berjillos, R, Bertini, D, Bertulani, C, Bishop, S, Blasi, N, Bloch, T, Blumenfeld, Y, Bonaccorso, A, Boretzky, K, Botvina, A, Boudard, A, Boutachkov, P, Boztosun, I, Bracco, A, Brambilla, S, Briz Monago, J, Caamano, M, Caesar, C, Camera, F, Casarejos, E, Catford, W, Cederkall, J, Cederwall, B, Chartier, M, Chatillon, A, Cherciu, M, Chulkov, L, Coleman-Smith, P, Cortina-Gil, D, Crespi, F, Crespo, R, Cresswell, J, Csatlos, M, Dechery, F, Davids, B, Davinson, T, Derya, V, Detistov, P, Diaz Fernandez, P, DiJuliot, D, Dmitry, S, Dore, D, Duenas, J, Dupont, E, Egelhof, P, Egorova, I, Elekes, Z, Enders, J, Endres, J, Ershov, S, Ershova, O, Fernandez-Dominguez, B, Fetisov, A, Fiori, E, Fomichev, A, Fonseca, M, Fraile, L, Freer, M, Friese, J, Borge, MG, Galaviz Redondo, D, Gannon, S, Garg, U, Gasparic, I, Gasques, L, Gastineau, B, Geissel, H, Gernhaeuser, R, Ghosh, T, Gilbert, M, Glorius, J, Golubev, P, Gorshkov, A, Gourishett, A, Grigorenko, L, Gulyas, J, Haiduc, M, Hammache, F, Harakeh, M, Hass, M, Heine, M, Hennig, A, Henriques, A, Herzberg, R, Holl, M, Ignatov, A, Ignatyuk, A, Ilieva, S, Ivanov, M, Iwasa, N, Jakobsson, B, Johansson, H, Jonson, B, Joshi, P, Junghans, A, Jurado, B, Koerner, G, Kalantar, N, Kanungo, R, Kelic-Heil, A, Kezzar, K, Khan, E, Khanzadeev, A, Kiselev, O, Kogimtzis, M, Koerper, D, Kraeckmann, S, Kroell, T, Kruecken, R, Krasznahorkay, A, Kratz, J, Kresan, D, Krings, T, Krumbholz, A, Krupko, S, Kulessa, R, Kumar, S, Kurz, N, Kuzmin, E, Labiche, M, Langanke, K, Lazarus, I, Le Bleis, T, Lederer, C, Lemasson, A, Lemmon, R, Liberati, V, Litvinov, Y, Loeher, B, Lopez Herraiz, J, Muenzenberg, G, Machado, J, Maev, E, Mahata, K, Mancusi, D, Marganiec, J, Martinez Perez, M, Marusov, V, Mengoni, D, Million, B, Morcelle, V, Moreno, O, Movsesyan, A, Nacher, E, Najafi, M, Nakamura, T, Naqvi, F, Nikolski, E, Nilsson, T, Nociforo, C, Nolan, P, Novatsky, B, Nyman, G, Ornelas, A, Palit, R, Pandit, S, Panin, V, Paradela, C, Parkar, V, Paschalis, S, Pawlowski, P, Perea, A, Pereira, J, Petrache, C, Petri, M, Pickstone, S, Pietralla, N, Pietri, S, Pivovarov, Y, Potlog, P, Prokofiev, A, Rastrepina, G, Rauscher, T, Ribeiro, G, Ricciardi, M, Richter, A, Rigollet, C, Riisager, K, Rios, A, Ritter, C, Frutos, TR, Rodriguez Vignote, J, Roeder, M, Romig, C, Rossi, D, Roussel-Chomaz, P, Rout, P, Roy, S, Soederstroem, P, Sarkar, MS, Sakuta, S, Salsac, M, Sampson, J, del Rio Saez, JS, Sanchez Rosado, J, Sanjari, S, Sarriguren, P, Sauerwein, A, Savran, D, Scheidenberger, C, Scheit, H, Schmidt, S, Schmitt, C, Schnorrenberger, L, Schrock, P, Schwengner, R, Seddon, D, Sherrill, B, Shrivastava, A, Sidorchuk, S, Silva, J, Simon, H, Simpson, E, Singh, P, Slobodan, D, Sohler, D, Spieker, M, Stach, D, Stan, E, Stanoiu, M, Stepantsov, S, Stevenson, P, Strieder, F, Stuhl, L, Suda, T, Suemmerer, K, Streicher, B, Taieb, J, Takechi, M, Tanihata, I, Taylor, J, Tengblad, O, Ter-Akopian, G, Terashima, S, Teubig, P, Thies, R, Thoennessen, M, Thomas, T, Thornhill, J, Thungstrom, G, Timar, J, Togano, Y, Tomohiro, U, Tornyi, T, Tostevin, J, Townsley, C, Trautmann, W, Trivedi, T, Typel, S, Uberseder, E, Udias, J, Uesaka, T, Uvarov, L, Vajta, Z, Velho, P, Vikhrov, V, Volknandt, M, Volkov, V, von Neumann-Cose, P, von Schmid, M, Wagner, A, Wamers, F, Weick, H, Wells, D, Westerberg, L, Wieland, O, Wiescher, M, Wimmer, C, Wimmer, K, Winfield, JS, Winkel, M, Woods, P, Wyss, R, Yakorev, D, Yavor, M, Cardona, JZ, Zartova, I, Zerguerras, T, Zgura, I, Zhdanov, A, Zhukov, M, Zieblinski, M, Zilges, A and Zuber, K (2016) Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive ions at FAIR In: 6th Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference (NPA), 2013-05-19 - 2013-05-24, Hungarian Acad Sci, Inst Nucl Res, Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

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Barbieri, C (2005) Contribution to the wednesday afternoon discussion on spectroscopic factors In: 2nd Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Workshop, 2005-03-09 - 2005-03-12, E Lansing, MI.

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