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St Hilaire, M.A., Anderson, C., Anwar, J., Sullivan, J.P., Cade, B.E., Flynn-Evans, E.E., Czeisler, C.A. and Lockley, S.W. (2019) Brief (<4 hr) sleep episodes are insufficient for restoring performance in first-year resident physicians working overnight extended-duration work shifts Sleep, 42 (5).

Chang, A.-M., Duffy, J.F., Buxton, O.M., Lane, J.M., Aeschbach, D., Anderson, C., Bjonnes, A.C., Cain, S.W., Cohen, D.A., Frayling, T.M., Gooley, J.J., Jones, S.E., Klerman, E.B., Lockley, S.W., Munch, M., Rajaratnam, S.M.W., Rueger, M., Rutter, M.K., Santhi, N., Scheuermaier, K., Van Reen, E., Weedon, M.N., Czeisler, C.A., Scheer, F.A.J.L. and Saxena, R. (2019) Chronotype Genetic Variant in PER2 is Associated with Intrinsic Circadian Period in Humans Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Grant, L.K., Ftouni, S., Nijagal, B., De Souza, D.P., Tull, D., McConville, M.J., Rajaratnam, S.M.W., Lockley, S.W. and Anderson, C. (2019) Circadian and wake-dependent changes in human plasma polar metabolites during prolonged wakefulness: A preliminary analysis Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Stone, J.E., Phillips, A.J.K., Ftouni, S., Magee, M., Howard, M., Lockley, S.W., Sletten, T.L., Anderson, C., Rajaratnam, S.M.W. and Postnova, S. (2019) Generalizability of A Neural Network Model for Circadian Phase Prediction in Real-World Conditions Scientific Reports, 9 (1).

Phillips, A.J.K., Vidafar, P., Burns, A.C., McGlashan, E.M., Anderson, C., Rajaratnam, S.M.W., Lockley, S.W. and Cain, S.W. (2019) High sensitivity and interindividual variability in the response of the human circadian system to evening light Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116 (24). pp. 12019-12024.

Mulhall, M.D., Sletten, T.L., Magee, M., Stone, J.E., Ganesan, S., Collins, A., Anderson, C., Lockley, S.W., Howard, M.E. and Rajaratnam, S.M.W. (2019) Sleepiness and driving events in shift workers: The impact of circadian and homeostatic factors Sleep, 42 (6).

Watson, L.A., Phillips, A.J.K., Hosken, I.T., McGlashan, E.M., Anderson, C., Lack, L.C., Lockley, S.W., Rajaratnam, S.M.W. and Cain, S.W. (2018) Increased sensitivity of the circadian system to light in delayed sleep�wake phase disorder Journal of Physiology, 596 (24). pp. 6249-6261.

Anderson, C., Ftouni, S., Ronda, J.M., Rajaratnam, S.M.W., Czeisler, C.A. and Lockley, S.W. (2018) Self-reported drowsiness and safety outcomes while driving after an extended duration work shift in trainee physicians Sleep, 41 (2).

McMahon, W.R., Ftouni, S., Drummond, S.P.A., Maruff, P., Lockley, S.W., Rajaratnam, S.M.W. and Anderson, C. (2018) The wake maintenance zone shows task dependent changes in cognitive function following one night without sleep Sleep, 41 (10).

Magee, M., Sletten, T.L., Ferguson, S.A., Grunstein, R.R., Anderson, C., Kennaway, D.J., Lockley, S.W. and Rajaratnam, S.M.W. (2016) Associations between number of consecutive night shifts and impairment of neurobehavioral performance during a subsequent simulated night shift Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, 42 (3). pp. 217-227.

Chang, A.-M., Bjonnes, A.C., Aeschbach, D., Buxton, O.M., Gooley, J.J., Anderson, C., Van Reen, E., Cain, S.W., Czeisler, C.A., Duffy, J.F., Lockley, S.W., Shea, S.A., Scheer, F.A.J.L. and Saxena, R. (2016) Circadian gene variants influence sleep and the sleep electroencephalogram in humans Chronobiology International, 33 (5). pp. 561-573.

Lane, J.M., Chang, A.-M., Bjonnes, A.C., Aeschbach, D., Anderson, C., Cade, B.E., Cain, S.W., Czeisler, C.A., Gharib, S.A., Gooley, J.J., Gottlieb, D.J., Grant, S.F.A., Klerman, E.B., Lauderdale, D.S., Lockley, Steven, Munch, M., Patel, S., Punjabi, N.M., Rajaratnam, S.M.W., Rueger, M., St. Hilaire, M.A., Santhi, Nayantara, Scheuermaier, K., Van Reen, E., Zee, P.C., Shea, S.A., Duffy, J.F., Buxton, O.M., Redline, S., Scheer, F.A.J.L. and Saxena, R. (2016) Impact of common diabetes risk variant in MTNR1B on sleep, circadian, and melatonin physiology Diabetes, 65 (6). pp. 1741-1751.

St. Hilaire, M.A., Sullivan, J.P., Anderson, C., Cohen, D.A., Barger, L.K., Lockley, S.W. and Klerman, E.B. (2013) Classifying performance impairment in response to sleep loss using pattern recognition algorithms on single session testing Accident Analysis and Prevention, 50. pp. 992-1002.

Ftouni, S., Sletten, T.L., Howard, M., Anderson, C., Lenné, M.G., Lockley, S.W. and Rajaratnam, S.M.W. (2013) Objective and subjective measures of sleepiness, and their associations with on-road driving events in shift workers Journal of Sleep Research, 22 (1). pp. 58-69.

Ftouni, S., Rahman, S.A., Crowley, K.E., Anderson, C., Rajaratnam, S.M.W. and Lockley, S.W. (2013) Temporal dynamics of ocular indicators of sleepiness across sleep restriction Journal of Biological Rhythms, 28 (6). pp. 412-424.

Anderson, C., Sullivan, J.P., Flynn-Evans, E.E., Cade, B.E., Czeisler, C.A. and Lockley, S.W. (2012) Deterioration of neurobehavioral performance in resident physicians during repeated exposure to extended duration work shifts Sleep, 35 (8). pp. 1137-1146.

Havranek, EG, Labarthe, M-C, Ward, S, Anderson, CJ, Whelan, MA and Pandha, H (2008) A novel murine model of allogeneic vaccination against renal cancer BJU INTERNATIONAL, 101 (9). pp. 1165-1169.

Michael, A, Politi, E, Havranek, E, Corbishley, C, Karapanagiotou, L, Anderson, C, Relph, K, Syrigos, KN and Pandha, H (2007) Prognostic significance of erythropoietin expression in human renal cell carcinoma BJU INTERNATIONAL, 100 (2). pp. 291-294.

Pandha, H, Birchall, L, Meyer, B, Wilson, N, Relph, K, Anderson, C and Harrington, K (2006) Antitumor effects of aminobisphosphonates on renal cell carcinoma cell lines JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 176 (5). pp. 2255-2261.

Relph, KL, Michael, A, Havranek, E, Anderson, C, Polychronis, A, Corbishley, C and Pandha, H (2006) Prognostic impact of P53, EGFR and HER2/Neu proteins on renal cell carcinoma Internet Journal of Urology.

Zeze, DA, Silva, SRP, Brown, NMD, Joyce, AM and Anderson, CA (2002) Targeting mass-selected cluster ions for the deposition of advanced carbonaceous materials using an inductively coupled plasma JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 91 (4). pp. 1819-1827.

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