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Garn, Wolfgang, Aitken, James and Schmenner, Roger (2020) Smoothly Pass the Parcel: Implementing the Theory of Swift, Even Flow ResearchGate.

Thurer, Mattias, Stevenson, Mark, Aitken, James and Silva, Cristovao (2020) State-Dependent Service Rates in Make-to-Order Shops: An Assessment by Simulation Operations Management Research.

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Book Section

Aitken, J, Esain, A and williams, S (2015) Understanding the Nature of Demand Variation of Patient Arrival for Emergency Healthcare Services - The First Challenge In: Public services operations management. UNSPECIFIED.

Conference or Workshop Item

Kireulishvili, George, Garn, Wolfgang, Aitken, James and Hemsley-Brown, Jane (2018) Prediction methods improve bus services profitability In: Euro 2018 - 29th European Conference on Operational Research, 08-11 Jul 2018, Valencia, Spain.

Aitken, James, Garn, Wolfgang and Iyer, K (2015) Impact of Discrete-Event-Simulation on Lean and Swift-Even-Flow processes in sorting facilities In: Conference: 27th European Conference on Operational Research, 2015-07-12 - ?.

Cole, R and Aitken, J (2015) Supplier self-assessment and the role of third parties in the pursuit of sustainable supply chains In: : 2nd EurOMA Sustainable Operations and SC Forum, 2015-03-23 - ?, barcelona.

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Aitken, J and Todeva, E (2011) Co-Alignment of Supply Chain Strategies and the Knowledge Outcomes for Buyer-Supplier Network Relationships In: 44th Annual (HICCS) Hawaii International Conference on System Science, 2011-01-04 - 2011-01-07, Kauai, Hawaii.

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Aitken, J and Wong, H The automotive repair reverse logistics operations: An analysis from the inventory management perspective In: 18th International Annual EurOMA Conference, 2011-07-03 - 2011-07-06, Cambridge, UK.


Aitken, J (1998) Supply Chain Integration within the Context of a Supplier Association UNSPECIFIED thesis, University of Surrey.

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