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3D Reconstruction from RGB-D Data

Malleson, Charles, Guillemaut, Jean-Yves and Hilton, Adrian (2019) 3D Reconstruction from RGB-D Data In: RGB-D Image Analysis and Processing. Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition . Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Cham, Switzerland, pp 87-115. ISBN 2191-6586

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A key task in computer vision is that of generating virtual 3D models of real-world scenes by reconstructing the shape, appearance and, in the case of dynamic scenes, motion of the scene from visual sensors. Recently, low-cost video plus depth (RGB-D) sensors have become widely available and have been applied to 3D reconstruction of both static and dynamic scenes. RGB-D sensors contain an active depth sensor, which provides a stream of depth maps alongside standard colour video. The low cost and ease of use of RGB-D devices as well as their video rate capture of images along with depth make them well suited to 3D reconstruction. Use of active depth capture overcomes some of the limitations of passive monocular or multiple-view video-based approaches since reliable, metrically accurate estimates of the scene depth at each pixel can be obtained from a single view, even in scenes that lack distinctive texture. There are two key components to 3D reconstruction from RGB-D data: (1) spatial alignment of the surface over time and, (2) fusion of noisy, partial surface measurements into a more complete, consistent 3D model. In the case of static scenes, the sensor is typically moved around the scene and its pose is estimated over time. For dynamic scenes, there may be multiple rigid, articulated, or non-rigidly deforming surfaces to be tracked over time. The fusion component consists of integration of the aligned surface measurements, typically using an intermediate representation, such as the volumetric truncated signed distance field (TSDF). In this chapter, we discuss key recent approaches to 3D reconstruction from depth or RGB-D input, with an emphasis on real-time reconstruction of static scenes.

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Rosin, Paul L.
Lai, Yu-Kun
Shao, Ling
Liu, Yonghuai
Date : 27 October 2019
DOI : 10.1007/978-3-030-28603-3_5
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Additional Information : ISSN 2191-6586 ISSN 2191-6594 (electronic) Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ISBN 978-3-030-28602-6 ISBN 978-3-030-28603-3 (eBook)
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